The Block Chain is Best for Your Future

Bit coin of course was the first block chain, the legacy block chain as it’s also known. The developments that Ethereal brought to the table qualified it as the “second generation block chain? And now we’ve moved on to “next generation? Block chains. (Insert Star Trek reference here) Neblio isn’t the only platform that identifies itself as this, there’s also IOTA and NEO that use this terminology.

These platforms do different things but clearly they are proud of their efforts for moving block chain tech forward. OK, back to Neblio, right off the bat I recognized the similarities between Neblio (September 2017) and Straits (August 2016) and Qtum (June 2017) in that these platforms are focused on introducing block chain technology to the world of business.

But they do have some differences. Straits offers en-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of block chain apps specifically in the C# programming language. Qtum combines the strengths of Bit coin and versatility of smart contracts to provide a formidable platform for designing block chain apps. Neblio recognizes the gap between the mainstream business world and the often times technologically difficult world of block chains.

They are focused on filling this gap and bringing block chain tech mainstream. Neblio Uses Proof of Stake And their website and white paper place a lot of emphasis on simplifying the process for businesses that are interested in implementing block chain technology into their practices. They’ll achieve this with easy to use APIs that are programmable in many of the popular coding languages for the launching of decentralized applications.

Earlier this year on day one of the pre-sale back in August, Neblio had a GUI wallet available, their source code was made available on Gift Hub and The Neblio Block chain Network went live. It’s not too often that a project holding an I C O has an actual product to offer for those who are investing.

I’ll admit that this was a nice surprise to see and I hope it’s an indication of the progress this team will achieve in the future. The current road map for Neblio shows that their plans for later this year include the launch of Elect rum-based wallets.

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