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Global CTB Review – Trade Crypto From Almost Anywhere in the World

Most of the billionaires and millionaires today are directly or indirectly involved in trading. Their involvement is proof that trading is a profitable professional which can assist in making a million dollars. But one should have knowledge about how to trade or invest in multiple assets. So, you need a platform that gives you both trading and training services. Global CTB is one of the only brokerage firms in the market that is efficient in both things.

Contents of Review

  • Overview
  • Trading Products
  • Global CTB Learning Portal
  • Account Types
  • Features of Global CTB
  • Why Global CTB?
  • Customer Care
  • Conclusion


Operated and controlled by Amethyst International Ltd, Global CTB makes it possible for traders and investors to invest in a wide range of assets including stocks, shares, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies as well as CFDs on all assets. 

There are many things about Global CTB which you should know about it. First, it is committed to providing education and training for traders who want to learn about trading. No broker can surpass Global CTB in trading education. Second, there are various investment plans or trading accounts that users find on the platform. Each comes with different levels of services and facilities and the deposit limit is also different for everyone. Third, its professional teamwork with corporate responsibility providing the most efficient solution to user’s queries. Fourth, the customer care is exceptional and acts as a rapid response service.

Trading Products

There is a wide list of trading instruments available for traders and investors across the world. As you know, some assets have more reputation as winning equities than others. All these types of trading instruments are listed on the Global CTB.

CFD Trading

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are Over The Counter (OTC) products that make you rich when you trade on the price movements of various financial assets such, as stocks, indices, commodity futures, cryptocurrencies, and shares of prominent companies. In CFD trading, one can trade without having the physical ownership of an instrument. There might be some risks attached to it, but they can help you in gaining enough profit. On the platform of Global CTB, you can trade CFDs on shares, metals, oil, forex, and bonds. 


Most entrepreneurs bet on those companies which are in their initial stage of growth, and in most cases, these corporates make individual rich as their shares price rise to unprecedented limits. But mature companies are also proved fortunate for people and result in high returns at the end. Shares of prominent companies are present in the list of Global CTB.


Metals- especially gold- are considered as safe-haven assets in times of economic uncertainty or economic depression. The high liquidity and great industrial application of gold make it more charming and attractive for investors. The trust of traders on gold and silver is high due to its presence in the market for a long time.


A commodity is another instrument that is common in trading markets, and it may vary from one broker to another or from one country to another. On Global CTB, oil trading is the most featured product. One can profit from three ways of oil trading: futures, CFDs, and ETF investments. Oil trading is based on the simple principle of supply and demand.


Forex is a very large market where currencies worth trillions of dollars are traded on a daily basis. If you know about how to pick a winning currency pair at a particular time, you will be able to fill your bank accounts with money. The high liquidity of currency markets can give you rapid profit. The company knows which pairs are the most profitable and list those as well for users.


Another prominent feature of Global CTB is the availability of bonds on the platform. As the volatility of bonds is low, its trading is safer and non-risky than stocks or shares. Additionally, the interest rate on a yearly basis makes bonds investments more stunning. Also, the leverage rates of bonds are competitive than other instruments.


There are more chances that you have heard about the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. But this volatility of cryptocurrency makes it more fortunate for traders if they know how to predict prices on the basis of previous data. Many billionaires got rich after investing in Bitcoin, and the high potential of Bitcoin helped them to get rich. Moreover, cryptocurrency is also called digital gold and can act as a safe-haven asset in a financial crisis or in a high inflation state.

Global CTB Learning Portal

Global CTB not only provides trading services to users but also train them to do so successful trading. In training material, they have included every resource material such as videos, books, news, FAQs, charts, currency, trader’s glossary, and risk management. After going through such extensive training material, a beginner can grip the whole process of trading and how to earn money. Here’s a brief overview of each kind of resource material. Global CTB has prepared training materials so you can improve your skills and practice in your projects.


Video is the most rapid training solution which equips beginners with extensive knowledge in less time. After watching a video, you can utilize the gained knowledge in doing successful trading. Global CTB has uploaded different training videos which introduce you to the world of trading from the basic concepts to complex understandings.


Books contain extensive and deep things about any phenomenon, while a video can only summarize a thing. Books require a lot of time to read on your part, but it can give a deep understanding and knowledge about tactics and tricks used in the trading of assets. The broker has rolled out many informative books for users.


As you know the purpose of news is to inform the community about what is happening in a community or world as a whole. The brokerage firm keeps update users with the latest development news in the trading world. This can help traders in drawing fundamental analysis, which is very important at the time of long-term investment.


As usual, individuals have questions which are required to be answered by the company. Global CTB has created a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that cover all important questions related to trading on the Global CTB platform.


For technical analysis, a chart is a primary thing that should be efficient and based on true data. Analysts make speculations and predictions for price value after doing a deep technical analysis using the charts. The broker offers top-notch charts for traders.


In the currency section, under the learning option of Global CTB, the information about cryptocurrency is mentioned. The current rates on different exchanges, along with 24-hours change, are written down for users’ knowledge.

Trader’s glossary

For beginners, it is very important to learn basic terms and understandings by heart because it is necessary when someone is engaged in trading. Trader’s glossary contains nearly all terms and definitions of trading technicalities. 

Risk Management

A person who knows risk management can become a millionaire because he has the skill of when to enter or when to leave the market. If you want to master the skill of risk management, you need to learn the trading strategies by heart. Risk management reduces the risk of losing investment when there is uncertainty in the market.

Account Types

If you are looking for an investment plan that suits you, then Global CTB is the best place. On the brokerage firm, there are different investment plans whose deposits limits vary. A list of accounts is provided which cover traders from beginners to professionals. If an investor has only 500 for investment, Global CTP is offering a bronze account for him or her. Similarly, the broker has account types for those we well who want to invest in a big amount.

Bronze Account

In the list featuring six different investment plans, bronze makes its place at first due to its low deposit level. However, it has a minimum range of features, but they are helpful and basic in executing profitable trades. To open the bronze account, the minimum amount of deposit is fixed at 500. Bronze’s account holder gets an opportunity of having a personal account manager plus weekly trading sessions.

Silver Account

If you are having an investment of more than 5000, then the silver account is present at your doorstep. As it is an upgrade version than the previous one, it has more functions and facilities. For example, access to educational resource material is open to users. The lowest limit for funds is positioned at 5,000. Like bronze, silver account owners have the option of personal account analysts and trading sessions on a weekly basis.

Gold Account

As the name itself shows the golden functionalities of the account, it is the best investment plan for investors who are happily willing to spend more than 10,000 on trading objects. Besides senior account analysts, weekly sessions, educational access, the company will also provide four private education sessions, which are premium things.

Platinum Account

More updated than past investment plans, the platinum account has a combination of marvelous trading characteristics that do not find normally in brokers. But its lowest limit for adding money is also high, which inspires bulls to invest money in. Instead of a simple account analyst, senior account analyst will brief you in financial decisions. The most remarkable feature of the account is ten private educational sessions.

Diamond Account

All the functions of the platinum account are open for owners of diamond account plus more diamond features. Users have access to a full education package along with private educational access. The most unique feature of this investment plan is its diamond training program. People who are need of a saving account can also avail it by joining a diamond investment plan. It is written in the description box of the plan that one can ask from the personal manager for more information.

VIP Plan

The unlocking of VIP functions and services of a VIP account, one must deposit at least 200,000. The facilities of the VIP plan include senior account chief analyst, trading sessions weekly, full education package, full education center access, private education sessions weekly, saving account, VIP trading, and VIP trading program.

Features of Global CTB

User Interface

The first introduction between a customer and broker firm is done via an interface. If a customer gets a good impression, he will definitely join the platform. And a user interface must be simple and efficient for both beginners and professionals. 

The user interface of Global CTB is designed by utilizing the latest technology of the modern world, which has the capacity to fail cyber-attacks. Easy to use and the integrated user interface makes it simple for users to reach their destination easily. Moreover, it has the capability to attract newcomers on the website and make them long-term friends. 

Professional Team of Global CTB

Global CTB is the resultant product of experienced traders and financial scientists who have got high knowledge in the trading field. With their knowledge and experience, they have served thousands of investors across the world. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy the high return by gaining support from the unlimited features of Global CTB. Global CTB’s team is a combination of founders, developers, financial scientists, personal financial agents, and customer support agents.

With the extraordinary services offered by the broker’s staff, your chance of getting profit increases many folds. One can register complaints any time and the team will give prompt response to it taking as their first priority. The primary goal of the staff is to take care of customers and provide a safe and secure path for investors.


In the fast internet world, online scams have become a normal thing, and still, there are not strict cybersecurity measures, and laws are present. So, that’s become a more difficult job to avoid fraudulent activities. To tackle such kinds of cyber-attacks, Global CTB has secured its site with the latest technology that protects funds in many security layers. 

In other words, we can say that security is the priority of Global CTB. The website is operated and controlled by Amethyst International Ltd, which is a regulated company. If you want the proof of its regulation, the registration number is mentioned on the website.

Trading Platform

Without an efficient trading platform, it becomes very difficult and complex to execute trades that result in profit. Global CTB has employed a leading trading platform for the trading of assets, including stocks, shares, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and CFDs on various instruments.

Why Global CTB?

Global CTB has something unique and different, which is not usually found in other brokers. For many years, the devoted team of financial specialists has helped hundreds of investors in becoming millionaires. Secondly, the company makes sure that accepted payments are verified. For example, if you use your credit card for payments, it will be accepted. Otherwise, payments from a third party credit card are not accepted. The broker defines itself in the words:

“Global CTB is an advanced trading platform that allows you to have wide access to the cryptocurrency market and Contracts for Differences.”

It is also known as a secure platform for trading assets. It has adopted all kinds of security measures so that the funds of customers remain safe and sound. The broker works by keeping the moto of corporate responsibility, which means that it executes its operations covering the whole perspectives such as human rights and societal principles. The site contains training materials that will help traders improve their trading abilities.

The brokerage firm has established a reliable reputation by solving the financial problems of individuals for many years. It has done so using the advanced trading technology plus the professional services of financial experts.

Customer Care

In real life, before purchasing any product, you check what is the function of it or whether you need it or not. For a broker, the same kind of principle applies. An investor tries to confirm whether a particular trading platform is best for him or not. If he gets satisfactory answers from the customer agents, there are more chances that he will join the trading journey.

For Global, it is 100% sure that users will get the relevant answers to their questions. As it is a versatile trading place covering all kinds of investors, and traders from any field are welcome. The availability of customer agents 24/5 will help you a lot when using the platform of the brokerage firm. 

On top of the website, they have written down the active helpline number: 6531592753. As the company has offices in different cities of the world, phone numbers of offices are also given in the “Contact Us” section. If you want to talk to customer agents, you can email at [email protected]. If a user needs some information or data about compliance, he can contact at [email protected] and [email protected].


Global CTB is a versatile trading company, which provides training and trading services at the same time. Both beginners and professionals will get financial comfort after joining the platform. It is a trading gateway that opens unlimited trading opportunities for traders and investors across the world.

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