The World Forex Expo

The exhibition project WORLD FOREX EXPO debuted in 2004. The idea arose after the successful holding by FINEXPO of the first INTERNET TRADING EXPO exhibition, which was entirely dedicated to online stock trading. 

The number of professional market participants – brokerage companies, as well as private individuals working in this market, has been constantly growing both in Russia and abroad. And the FOREX EXPO exhibition has created excellent conditions for meeting, sharing experience and getting the latest information on the state of the foreign exchange market.

Every year the events became larger, the geography expanded. A large number of Russian and foreign companies gathered at the exhibition areas. The number of visitors grew. Master classes were performed by world famous traders such as Joe DiNapoli, Lewis Borsellino, Larry Williams, John Bollinger and Eric Naiman. 

The organizers did their best to provide the best conditions for networking. The whole business of FINEXPO Company was subordinated to a single general task – to create the maximum effect from participation in the FOREX EXPO.

The exhibitors who ordered the stand, in eight cases out of ten came again and became regular participants of the exhibition events held. This suggests that, firstly, the exhibiting companies are satisfied with the commercial effect of participation in exhibitions, and secondly, they are satisfied with the partner part provided by the organizer. So, FINEXPO managed to complete the task.

2009 turned out to be difficult for the country financially. The crisis has affected many companies, including FINEXPO. Potential exhibitors have reduced the budget for advertising campaigns, and, as a result, the number of exhibitors at the exhibition has decreased. But despite this, the events continued to open their doors to everyone. 

The year 2010, according to leading analysts and experts, was marked by the year of the end of the financial crisis. There is an unprecedented rise in stock indexes. Financial companies received up to 400% profit. Interest in trading on the foreign exchange market has increased, and, consequently, interest in large-scale events in this area, including training, has increased.

Therefore, in November 2010, the Organizers expect the return of the previous composition of participants, and, of course, the introduction of new companies to FOREX EXPO. It is planned to build two exhibition halls, as well as the opening of two halls for conducting training workshops and a press area. 

And taking into account the requests of many visitors, in November of this year one of the famous trading gurus will be invited to the exhibition in Moscow (and not only Moscow) to show his skills to the interested public. All detailed information will be published on the project website.

Active preparations are now underway for FOREX EXPO in Kazakhstan (October 20-21), Hong Kong (October 30-31), Kiev (November 12-13), and of course in Moscow (November 19-20). Take into account all the shortcomings of the past years, the wishes of customers and visitors.

 A wide advertising campaign has already begun, which will certainly help participants to find new partners and customers and expand their dealer networks. The exhibition is the best place to test ideas and developments. Here the company immediately receives “feedback”, sees the immediate response and the opinion of potential and current customers. 

The company FINEKSPO intends to create a comfortable business atmosphere and implement new ideas for the conduct of its exhibitions. Entrance to the exhibition and to training seminars, as always, is free, subject to registration.

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