Check Out the Three Most Popular Hardware Wallets to Buy From SecuX

Do you have heard about hardware wallets? Do you know how they work? Where they are installed, and what are the benefits of using these wallets? 

This article will provide you with an insight into the top three hardware wallets that you can use in your daily life, their features, characteristics and advantages. 

The hardware wallet is the main component of the blockchain ecosystem. They provide ultimate security and usage when they are interacting with the blockchains. Many say that it is a special type of bitcoin wallet that stores the users’ private keys in the secured hardware device. There are various advantages of using these wallets, they are-

  • The private keys can be stored in the protected area of the microcontroller, and they cannot be transferred out to the device in plain text
  • These wallets are immune to computer viruses that generally steal the software wallets
  • They can be used securely as the private keys are not needed to be touched
  • The software is open-source that allow the user to validate the entire operation of the device

Now, Coming to the Top Hardware Wallets, Here Are 3 of Them Reviewed In Brief-

SecuX V20 Wallet or Vault-Grade Hardware Wallet


It is one of the most secured and easy-to-operate hardware wallets available in the market. It helps keep the charge of all the digital assets within its diamond shape aluminum frame and higher vault-grade security features. You will get to see-

  1. Bluetooth5 and USB Type-C connection
  2. The tamper-resistant sealing label on the device and packaging
  3.  2.8-inch Color Touch Screen
  4. 1000+ cryptocurrencies support
  5. Long battery life with Li-polymer battery
  6. Expandable accounts up to 500 accounts available 

Want more- with the use of this hardware wallet, you will get 360-degree all-round protection of the private keys along with the military defense technology in brief. Use the code “cryptov8” during checkout from the official site of SecuX and get 15% off on this product, so hurry up!

SecuX W20 Wallet or Next Generation hardware wallet

What to say about this wallet is the next generation equipped military level secured wallet that is low weight and robust in nature. It helps in protecting digital assets without affecting the style and the convenience of the items. It provides vault-grade security and has a solid design. The best part of this wallet is having military-level defense technology inbuilt. Get 15% off on this wallet while checking out from the official site; use the code “cryptov8”. 

SecuX W10 Wallet- the smaller version

It is also equipped with military-level security measures. It has a robust structure and light in weight. It helps in protecting the digital assets without impacting the style of this device. It has a USB Micro-B connection, 2.8-inch color touch screen, the tamper-resistant sealing label on the device and packaging and has expandable accounts up to 500 accounts available. You can get a flat 10% off on this wallet. Use the code” cryptov8w10″ during checkout on the SecuX website and save money!

Do not miss these amazing deals on the site. Want to buy the best quality hardware wallet with the latest features and technology? Buy from the SecuX website. It offers a deal- As a bonus for your audiences, they can get 10% or 15% off their order from SecuX by entering the coupon codes at checkout at SecuX online shop. 

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