Where is the Exchange of Bitcoins

In response to the growing popularity of Bit coins, a large number of exchanges performing payment operations with crypto currency appeared on the Web. They produce them in any direction – buying, selling, exchanging, with drawing.

It is easy to choose a resource where the bit coin exchange will be made on the most favorable conditions. There are special monitoring sites on the Web. Their information helps to find the most profitable exchanges, where the commission for the operation will be minimal.

The exchange procedure for most of the resources is carried out automatically, and therefore takes no more than 5-7 minutes. Before drawing up an application, you should always pay attention to the currency reserve on the site. It is possible that the available amount will not be enough to complete the transaction.

Having chosen the direction to exchange bit coins, in the appropriate fields you should indicate the amount and the wallet to which it will be transferred. After that, you only need to confirm your desire to continue the operation.

 If all the data is entered correctly, the system will process the request and the funds will go to the specified wallet. The procedure for buying a crypto currency is identical. Simply, the user must select the desired direction, and when making a request, specify the identifier of your account.

For intermediary services, all exchange’s take a commission from their customers. Its size at various services varies, but only slightly. The average market commission is approximately 1%.

In addition to this method, users have the opportunity to exchange crypto currencies on special exchanges. The network will not be a problem to find such sites. Exchange acts as an intermediary between the owners of bit coins. All operations are carried out directly by users, focusing on the current rate.

The stock exchange is not the easiest place to perform bit coin transactions. Users have to literally “catch” lucrative offers. To wait for them can take quite a long period. While Bit coin exchanges performs operations with crypto currency in all directions quickly and safely.

How to cash Bit coins

The accumulation of funds in bit coins is the optimal solution. But there are cases when cash is needed urgently. The most correct way out of this situation is to withdraw the crypto currency. This can be done in three ways.

In one of the points, bit coins can be exchanged for another e-currency, and then transferred to a bank card. The option is not the most successful, because the user will have to pay a commission for both operations.

More profitable option – withdrawal of bit coins directly to a bank card. Not all exchanges work in this direction, but it’s worth a search. In this case, the operation of cash withdrawal will take place not only as quickly as possible, but also profitable.

The user will pay the commission to the resource only once. The time of the operation in the automatic mode is 10 minutes, in the semi-automatic mode within an hour. To use this service, you only need to specify the bank details.

Another option is to sell bit coin to an individual. This is the least popular way. In addition to the private person who wants to buy a crypto currency will need to find, you will need to make sure that it is fair. The potential risk of surgery is very high.

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