What Can You Do With Your Bitcoin Crypto Mining

Once you have bit coin crypto mining in your possession you essentially have three options as to what you can do with it:

First, you can buy goods and services from retailers that accept bit coin crypto mining.  The Coin base indicates it has 42,000 registered merchants.  The reason these businesses are turning to bit coin is because Coin base only charges a 1% fee to exchange bit coin for US dollars.

Merchants are looking for an alternative to the 3% to 5% credit card fees they are paying now to Visa and MasterCard, and the week long wait to get their money.  Mom and Pop operations in particular are beginning to take advantage of these savings, especially in bigger cities.

Larger corporations like Dell, Microsoft, and Expedia have partnered with Coin base to take your bit coin crypto mining and immediately exchange it for US dollars.  Starbucks and Amazon will convert your bit coin to a US dollar prepaid debit card that can be used in their stores, and Overstock.com will let you pay directly with bit coin crypto mining.  As more people have bit coin to spend, more merchants will realize they must begin to accept it.

Something that will resonate with college students is that schools around the world are beginning to accept bit coin for tuition payments.  That certainly gives a special meaning to B CU’ s program.

 Second, if you prefer to convert your bit coin to US dollars there are several services that will do this for you for a fee, however the safest route is to use an exchange like Coin base.  You can enter “limit orders” that will only execute your buy or sell at a price you set and the exchange operates 24/7.

Once exchanged, your US dollars can then be transferred to a bank account.  This is much like selling shares of stock on the NASDAQ or NYSE for cash.  Simply a cost efficient meeting in bit coin crypto mining of buyers and sellers.

Finally, you can hold on to your bit coin crypto mining if you believe the B T X/US exchange rate will increase your bit coin’s crypto mining value.  This is lot like owning a share of Facebook and keeping it long term because you believe Facebook’s stock will increase in value relative to where it is today.  This requires that you become fully informed about crypto currencies and bit coin, and that you stay informed.  As it happens, that is one of B CU’ s primary goals.

As a bit coin crypto mining holder you can spend, save, or convert your virtual coins to any fiat currency for a reasonable fee at any time.  B CU will fully explain the process and inform you of what you can do and warn you of what you should not do.

Satoshi Naka motto (Bit coin crypto mining inventor),

With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third-party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.”

Bit Club Network Review. Bitcoin Mining Passive Income, Real or Fraud

Bit club Network seems to be the latest in a wave of bit coin mining income opportunities all around the internet. For a beginner it’s hard to discern from the real opportunities and the fake ones.

The first thing to know is the fact that crypto-currencies are real and mining them is completely legal and globally practiced business. It is based on computers doing complex mathematical equations to release the next chain of coins into the market.

It is completely legal to mine bit coins all around the world and so are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies. The new wave of bit coin mining income opportunities are mostly a mixture of these two concepts.

A clean and professional multi-level marketing compensation plan and the unique product of a crypto-currencies mining.

Combine these two and you have for the first time on the internet, a truly legal passive income opportunity based on a real product with a real compensation plan.

Next time you hear about Bit coins, lite coins, Dodge coins and others and the possible income opportunity, don’t be scared, this is just part of the new era of digital currencies and a more computerized world.

Everything is going virtual without a doubt. In the past, communication was all about writing and mailing. Today communication is all about writing and e-mailing. The only change is the “e”, as in, electronic.

Money is no exception. We started to use salt, foods and precious metals as money, later down the road it went to coins, then paper and finally, virtual money. Today we use credit cards, debit cards, checks, each and other forms of virtual money.

Bit coins and other crypto-currencies are just an inevitable part of life as we know it. The way our race is evolving has led us to a more comfortable way of using money and that is digital money.

So next time you see that opportunity, embrace it. The chances are that you are going to be participating in something that can become the next PayPal or even better, the next United States Dollar.

As for Bit club Network it is an opportunity to which many are afraid and I understand. We are scared of the unknown and sometimes afraid to try new things. It is only a fact that now over 500,000 people use bit coin and this number is expected to hit 1,000,000 by the year 2015.

So which person are you going to be?

The one standing on the sidelines or the one participating and building his own future?

The decision is yours to make.

Thanks for reading.

If you would like to learn additional information about making a living through online, legal passive income .You will receive additional information with step by step instructions and much more.

Can You Creat a Fortune via Bitcoin Mining

Am I able to obtain compound growth when I invest in Bit coin?

Einstein – “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world; he who understands it earns it and he who doesn’t pays it.”

We hear many discussions regarding the way forward for Bit coin, could it boost in popularity?

 Will the worth increase?

How safe might it be as a possible investment?

I have heard many discussions on whether or not to trade, mine and cloud mining but I never have heard any discussion of professional investing or at-least applying the theory of professional investing to Bit coin.

Now let’s suppose that were to use the view point that there’s a good future for Bit coin, it’s going to increase in popularity, the value will hold and if anything it will rise in value because we understand fundamentally it has better value to fiat currency.

If this sounds like my viewpoint, I made a decision that I should be approaching this like a professional investor; I can afford to invest by way of example 1,000 G BP (approx. 1,600 US D), but I plan to think about how to invest this into Bit coin into the safest and most efficient way.

The most important rule for anybody who sees themselves as a professional investor is to use the rule of compound growth, if you’re planning to treat your account or wallet as a current account you just aren’t likely to see anywhere near you’re potential.

I have taken the most recent and relevant data for the mining difficulty for the past 3 months, as you will find out the difficulty increases about two times month to be more exact it’s every 11.7 days. Therefore, I will work on the basis that the difficulty increases 4.80% every 12 days, there is not any point fussing over 0.3 of a day every 12 days when we are operating with averages anyway, plus what we are performing is only increasing our existing accuracy, therefore I don’t wish to be criticized for this.

To work through our earnings potential I am going to figure out our earnings after we have deducted the costs and add the difficulty to the next session. And next by adding the new hashing power bought with the earnings. I am focusing on the average increasing difficulty 4.98% as well as the average decreasing cost of 10% for the hashing power.

Now the simple truth is it’s not going to serve as smoothly as this, the hashing power will not decrease by 10% every twelfth day, but it will need to go in such a direction to remain viable for the buyers. More than a year ago it was seen with CE X, the hashing power wasn’t economically viable for folks as a result it needed to be brought down to a sensible level.

It was found that even by conservative estimates you EASILY beak even within 6 months and may potentially double your earnings within the year.

Admittedly the difficulty rate is increasing at a high rate but the hashing power is too and becoming cheaper at a steeper rate. So whatever your approach is likely to be, if you apply the principal of reinvesting your earnings or at least a good portion of your earnings during a period as soon as the hashing price falls (the cost per G h s has never gone up) then you will make a small fortune.

What I am showing is when you treat mining as you would with any proper business and not a gimmick you’ll certainly reap the rewards from it. You need to take the attitude that 6 months, a year or perhaps a three years is not a great deal of time (especially if you are earning money whilst you sleep) and I believe you should definitely spend an hour or two on excel and on line to ensure that you take a proper approach.

If you think about that bit coin remains to be rolling around in its infancy and fundamentally undervalued, it is certainly possible to earn a good income with bit coin mining and that it’s not at all too far gone to get into as many would love you to think.

What Are Top 5 Crypto Currencies Other Than Bitcoin

Bit coin has leaded the crypto world for so long, and so dominantly that the terms crypto and Bit coin are often used interchangeably. However, the truth is, the digital currency does not only comprise of Bit coin.

There are numerous other crypto currencies that are part of the crypto world. The purpose of this post is to educate our readers on crypto currencies other than Bit coin to provide them with a wide range of options to choose from – if they intend on making crypto-investments.

So let’s get started with the first name on our list, that is:

Lite coin:

Launched in 2011, lite coin is often referred to as ‘silver to Bit coin’s gold.’ Charlie Lee – MIT graduate and former engineer at Google – is the founder of lite coin.

Similar to Bit coin, lite coin is a decentralized, open source payment network which functions without a central authority.

Lite coin is similar to Bit coin in many ways and often leads people to think: “Why not go with Bit coin? Both are similar!” Here’s a catch: the block generation of lite coin is much faster than that of Bit coin! And this is the main reason why merchants around the world are becoming more open to accepting lite coin.

Z cash:

Z cash came out in the later part of 2016. The currency defines itself as: “if Bit coin is like http for money, Z cash is https”.

Z cash promises to provide transparency, security, and privacy of transactions. The currency also offers the option of ‘shielded’ transaction so the users can transfer data in the form of encrypted code.


Dash is originally a secretive version of Bit coin. It is also known as ‘Dark coin’ due to its secretive nature.

Dash is popular for offering an expanded anonymity which allows its users to make transactions impossible to trace.

The currency first appeared on the canvas of digital market in the year 2014. Since then, it has experienced a large fan following over a very short span of time.


With a market capitalization of over $1bn, Ripple is the last name on our list. The currency was launched in 2012 and offers instant, secure, and low-cost payments.

The consensus ledger of Ripple doesn’t require mining, a feature which makes it different from Bit coin and other mainstream crypto currencies.

The lack of mining reduces the computing power which ultimately minimizes the latency and makes transactions faster.

Wrap Up:

Although Bit coin continues to lead the pack of crypto, the rivals are picking up the pace. Currencies like Ethereal and Ripple have surpassed Bit coin in enterprise solutions and are growing in popularity each day. Going by the trend, the other crypto s are here to stay and will soon be giving Bit coin a real tough time to maintain its stature.

What is Bitcoin & Why is Crypto Currency So Popular?

Bit coin has been the buzz word in the financial space. As of a matter of fact, Bit coin has exploded the scene in the last few years and many people and many large companies are now jumping on the Bit coin or crypto currency bandwagon wanting a piece of the action.

People are total new to the crypto currency space are constantly asking this question; “What is Bit coin really?”

Well, for starters bit coin is actually a digital currency that falls outside the control of any federal government, it’s used worldwide, and can be used to purchase things like your food, your beverages, real estate, cars, and other things.

Why is Bit coin so important?

Bit coin isn’t susceptible to things like governmental control and fluctuations in the in the foreign currencies. Bit coin is backed by the full faith of (you) the individual and it’s strictly peer-to-peer.

This means anyone complete transactions with Bit coin, the first thing they realize is that it’s a lot cheaper to use than trying to send money from bank to bank or using any other services out there that requires sending and receiving money internationally.

For example, if I wanted to send money to let’s say China or Japan I would have to have a incur of fee from a bank and it would take hours or even days for that fee that money to get there.

If I use Bit coin, I can do it easily from my wallet or my cell phone or a computer instantaneously without any of those fees. If I wanted to send for example gold and silver it would require many guards it would take a lot of time and a lot of money to move bullion from point to point. Bit coin can do it again with a touch of a finger.

Why do people want to use Bit coin?

The main reason is because Bit coin is the answer to these destabilized governments and situations where money is no longer as valuable it used to be. The money that we have now; the paper fiat currency that’s in our wallets is worthless and a year from now it’ll be worth even less.

We’ve even seeing major companies showing interest in the block chain technology. A few weeks ago, a survey went out to a handful of Amazon customers whether or not they would be interested in using a crypto currency if Amazon creates one. The results from that showed that many were very interested.

 Starbucks even hinted about the use of a block chain mobile app. Wal-Mart has even applied for a patent on a “smart package” that will utilize the block chain technology to track and authenticate packages.

Throughout our lifetime we’ve seen many changes take place from the way we shop, the way we watch movies, the way we listen to music, read books, buy cars, look for homes, now how we spend money and banking.

 Crypto currency is here to stay. If you haven’t already, it’s time for anyone to fully study crypto currency and learn how to take full advantage of this trend that’s going to continue to thrive throughout time.

Get Some Handy Home Based Business Ideas

Get some handy home based business ideas and enjoy that success and high degree of monetary returns. In today’s world, technology has become a great platform for trade and industry and you can easily utilize it to your advantage. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can easily start a home based business and reap great profits and also sustain the market in the long run. So turn your home into a center of business and climb up the ladder of success.

Home Business Ideas Tips

There are certain things that you need to know while starting a home business. They will help you to be successful and also gain more prospective customers. First things first, you need to chalk out a proper business and promotion plan for selling your goods and services. If you are able to plan properly and implement the business techniques, you are bound to be successful.

One of the major things about home based business ideas is to properly understand which business is suitable for you. If you are starting a small scale business, you can start it with a nominal capital, but for a high profile business, you have to invest good amount of money. Based on the amount of capital investment, business planning and other vital aspects, you need to opt for the right home based business.

Another important aspect of home business is to identify your target audience properly. This will help you gain more prospective customers. For example, if you are selling some beauty care products, you have to promote your product to those people who will really be interested in it. Once you are able to reach and promote your goods and services to the right people, you can gain more customers and your sale will automatically increase.

Some Useful Home Business Ideas

There are lots of home based business ideas that you can choose from based on your preferences and investment. Different businesses have different needs and attributes and you need to plan your strategies accordingly. Some of the home business ideas which are well preferred are:

  1. Internet home business: If you have a computer with a high speed internet connection, you can easily start a home based internet business. There are lots of business opportunities like SEM and SEO business, online auction and sales, online marketing, e commerce, web designing, software development and programming and lots more.
  2. Starting a repair business: You can start a home based business by opening a repair shop. If you are good in mechanics, you can opt for a cycle or automobile repair shop in your home and earn good money by providing the repair services.
  3. Start a creative business: If you are good in fine arts and have a creative bent of mind, you can bank on your skills and start a handicraft business. You can start a boutique, handicraft shop, painting shop and similar business avenues. All these have a good demand in the market and you can easily get good returns.

Benefits of a Business Consulting Franchise

What is a Business Consulting Franchise?

Rather than go into business consultancy on your own, you can invest in a franchise with an established business consulting company that is offering a franchise to practice business consultancy, usually, but not always, in a specific geographical area. In return for the franchise fee, you should receive the backing of their brand name, training, ongoing support, business and analytical tools, marketing resources, and maybe in house expertise to call upon when needed.

The company offering the franchise is called the FRANCHISER while the person investing in the business consulting franchise is called the FRANCHISEE.

Better Chances of Success and Generating Income Earlier

Getting started in any business of your own can be a huge step. Fear of failure stops many people going ahead with their dream. If you have issues going it alone, then consider investing in a franchise. It vastly increases your chances of success, and tends to generate income much earlier.

If you want to become a business consultant, it can be very difficult acting alone because you cannot have all the expertise required to meet the many challenges of consulting with different kinds of businesses. Even if you specialize in a specific industry or field, there will be many occasions where you just don’t know how best to help a client business. A business consulting franchise, by its very nature, can offer a powerful support structure.

All the Support and Resources You Need

For example, a good business consulting franchiser will provide you with training both when you first get started, and on an ongoing basis. They will also be able to offer you advice and help with many specific business growth and marketing strategies that your client businesses may require, whatever line of business they are in.

You should also have the benefit of a selection of marketing materials and reference materials to use on an ongoing basis.

In general, franchisees are better supported, better motivated, better skilled, and better financed, to win new business than new business start-ups on their own. So if you are starting your own business consultancy, and going it alone, you could face an uphill battle.

Being a business consultant on your own can be a very lonely existence. On the other hand, when you are part of a large supportive organization, particularly in these days of online membership forums, you will always have colleagues willing and ready to help you, not just with expertise and possible solutions, but with encouragement and mutual support.

The Backing of a Brand Name – Possibly Well Known

You also have the powerful benefit of a strong brand once the business consultancy company has established itself in the market, and by buying into that brand through your franchise, you have all that credibility and trust behind you. It will be easier to acquire new client businesses to consult with, when you have a strong company brand behind you.

A Proven System

The whole point of investing in a franchise is that you will have access to a proven system that has already been well tested.

You Are Your Own Boss

You will, of course, be your own boss, and you can work when and how you want, and be very flexible. There is nothing like being self-employed and being in control of your own working hours. However, many business owners are just slaves to their businesses, having to be there all the time. As a business consultant, you can probably work from home, or a small office, so overheads and business expenditure can be kept to a minimum, leaving you with a higher income. Also, you have no staffing problems!

Substantial Incomes Can be earned

As a successful business consultant, you can become financially free, meaning you no longer have any money worries. If you are helping businesses to expand and grow their profits, then there are substantial earnings to be made, especially if your agreement with your client businesses includes them paying you a percentage of the extra profits you helped generate.

Very Worthwhile and Respectable Profession

As a successful business consultant, you will experience the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile with your life, knowing that by helping businesses to grow their profits, you are helping all the people associated with that businesses: owners, management, staff, manufacturers, suppliers, joint venture partners, and all their families. You are helping make the world a better place and that’s a very worthwhile cause to attach yourself to.

Helping others realize their personal and business goals by showing them how to successfully deal with the difficulties and challenges of managing a business, also brings more back to you in the future. The more value you give to others, the more you receive in return, and not just the financial rewards from the business you have given value to.

 You will receive much more in return from other sources. Whenever you work successfully with a client business you can use their own testimonial to help you acquire new businesses to consult with, or the satisfied business itself is happy to recommend your services to other non-competing businesses. So by giving real value through your consultancy services, you should never be short of new business challenges to find solutions for!

If you have a family, then you will be proud to be providing for them the lifestyle you all deserve, and doing so while pursuing a very professional and highly respected business consultancy.

Great Way to Acquire Expertise, Experience and Authority Status

As you gain more and more experience of dealing successfully with different business consulting challenges, you are acquiring valuable expertise, knowledge, and confidence. All this raises you to a much higher level of business consulting competence.

In so doing, you will also become a respected business consultant in the field, and possibly acquire expert status, with the backing of the franchiser’s brand, so on a professional level, you feel on top of the world.

So, a business consulting franchise may be the perfect way to go, if you would like to put your business skills to use in a positive way, especially if you want a change from running your own business or working in someone else’s business, and not getting the rewards you feel you deserve.

Four Sources to Properly Fund Your Business

Proper business funding/capitalization are an issue to all small businesses at all stages of the business cycle. Those businesses that are organized as corporations and LLC’s are required by the state granting the business charter to be adequately capitalized. The challenge here is there is really no clear definition of adequate capitalization.

The purpose of requiring adequate capitalization is to ensure that the business entity has the ability to carry out its business operations without subjecting those working with that business, including employees, to financial loss. Proper protection against financial loss also requires a business to address potential liability issues.

Funding requirements will differ significantly from one business to another as well as what stage in the business cycle the business occupies. One of the most difficult stages to fund is typically found with start-up small business ventures.

 New business ventures may have great ideas and potential for success but have no history of success nor have they produced financial results. These realities make securing funding difficult. Funding challenges, however real, do not relieve the business owner from the responsibility of providing adequate capitalization for their business enterprise.

There are many sources of funding available in the market place for small businesses and LLC’s, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. The best source for funding will depend on the particular circumstances of the business seeking the funding and may include using a combination of several different sources. Start-up funding in particular is a very specialized world and seeking experienced and competent help is strongly advised.

Here are the four most common sources of funding for businesses:

  1. Cash investment from the founders of the business –Typically the easiest to obtain and the least expensive of all forms of capitalization.
  2. Income from business operations– This is perhaps the best source and usually the least expensive, after the founder’s investment, source of funding and capitalizing a business. This is typically more readily available to businesses that have been operational for some time whereas a startup business may find this source difficult or even impossible.

Bank Loans – If available to the business bank loans are relative inexpensive in today’s environment but may be difficult to obtain. This is especially true for startup businesses and those who are not financially strong with good positive cash flow.

  1. Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors– These sources of funding can be good and are available to those businesses that able to demonstrate a strong business and product that also has excellent potential for high returns. The trade off with these sources is that often they require a large percentage of ownership in the company to induce them to invest.

 This is not necessarily bad, just being aware of that fact when you start. Also, in many cases they may require a business they fund to go public within a specified time period. Again, not necessarily a bad requirement.

As with all funding sources, it is a financial necessity to carefully examine the conditions and structure of the funding.

Lack of adequate capitalization/funding has caused many promising business to fail before they have a chance to get started. In addition improperly structured funding has been the cause of both new and mature business operations to struggle financially and in many cases fail.

One of the often overlooked factors in adequate capitalization of a business operation is proper and adequate insurance coverage. If inadequate insurance exists in a business, a damaged claimant could potentially pierce the corporate veil due to under-funding. Most business owners will have property and casualty insurance for buildings, vehicles, equipment but do you have general liability insurance sufficient to cover claims not otherwise covered by property and causality policies.

 In addition, Directors and Officers insurance, as well as Errors and Omissions insurance, are an important part of those businesses that require these policies and qualify for them. The important key here is to seek advice from a highly qualified insurance/ risk management specialists for your small business or LLC.

As can be seen from this short discussion there are many factors that make up the discussion of providing adequate funding for a business as required by the states? Taking an active and disciplined action on this matter will protect the business as well as the owners of that small business or LLC.

Keys to Success – Business Networking

One of the primary reasons to invest time and effort into business networking is to get more business. Yet, for many the outcome of greater business remains elusive.

Business Networking – How to Get More Business

As a personal business coach one of the first things I ask a potential client, whether it be a self – employed small business owner or a corporate manager or executive, is if they are doing any business networking. Most of them will tell me that they do some business networking.

The main reason they do business networking is to get more business. When I ask how successful it has been the answers range from very successful to virtually no success at all.

How come one person has great success and another doesn’t. Is one’s product or service in greater demand? Possibly, but very often it has nothing to do with that.

Business Networking – Success Is About How You Fish

For a moment visualize a business networking event as a big pond with many fish. You have come together with a group of other people and all of you are fishing in the same pond. Some of you will catch fish, prospects, referrals and customers. And most of you will put your bait on a hook and come up with nothing.

What’s causing the difference in results? It could be the pond you are in. Maybe the fish you are swimming with aren’t ideal for you or your business. But, more often than not it is not the fish in the pond that is the problem.

The problem is how you are choosing to fish in that pond. Especially for small business owners seeking more small business growth and success how you fish is a critical determinant in your results.

Running a small business is a big enough challenge to your time and energy without engaging in business networking that is not producing positive results? So if the pond of your business networking is not yielding the results you desire, yet appears to be a good pond, then you must change the way you fish in the pond.

Business Networking – It’s About the Human Being and Not the Human Doing

How do you catch a fish? It’s easy. You give him some bait where he wants to bite on your hook. The best hook you have is you. It’s not your business. It’s not your service. It is who you are. Most people when you engage them do not need your product or service.

The key is that they certainly may need it at some point in time in the future. The goal is to start building a relationship with them based on who you are, not what you do. In the end they will do business with someone they know, like and trust.

The key to successful business networking is to get beyond the human doing, your business, and let others get to know the human being. Focus on learning about who someone else is. Reveal to them more about yourself. It will give you and them many more reasons to build a solid relationship.

Focus on the human being, not getting business. And, the last part is the most important. If you have business networking functions every month attend them regularly. Even if business is good and you feel too busy attend them regularly.

Great relationships aren’t built with intensity but with regular contact over a period of time. Be consistent in showing up and persistent in building your relationships. When you approach business networking as an essential marketing activity focusing on human beings instead of human doings you will start catching a lot more fish in your pond and even greater small business, large business and personal success.

Business Must Advertise Where New Clients Search

Today, people are “on the move”, searching on their phones while walking, while in conversation – watching TV. They are looking up, where to go for what is something which has become second nature.

Now it is up to a business to advertise where people are searching or they will lose out on new business. Can they exist off just word of mouth, or existing business? Perhaps – at least for a little while. There is however a strong doubt.

Small businesses which are advertising where people are searching will establish relationship with their new clients, who in turn will go to the business on line pages and leave recommendations and comments, which other searchers will see.

Business which is not advertising online will lose out altogether. It is difficult for some business owners to understand the changes in the market and the special urgency to change, and how important these changes are to their business. The new way of marketing, deriving from continually new electronic gadgets, are as powerful and fast as an oncoming freight train.

Here are some of the easy to understand rules for small business: Starting with the business domain name, especially for their online advertising and on their service vehicles.

When people use their names in a dot com address they must first assume that their name is not known. It also may be important to them, but not to a prospective client who searches. Not for Michael Brown, but a painter, or a dentist. If small business wants to be found by NEW clients, they have to learn very quickly, that they need to buy a new keyword domain for a few dollars so they are found by Google’s, Bing’s or Yahoo’s search engines.

A prospective client goes online, to find a business, they will search (as in my example) for a dentist (and so they won’t find dentist from all across the country or world, they most likely look for dentists in their home town).

The best domain name for advertising might even be: Dentist John Smith dot com, as a simple example. What their business is or does should come first, because it is what people use as a search term. Their name is secondary and can be somewhere else on the business page. People who do not know the name certainly won’t be able to enter it in the search, neither will people who know the name already – go online and look for them, they have no need..

In addition, advertisements such as: “I am the number one dentist in hometown USA” also no longer impresses. Searchers finding a business see previous clients who used the business before, often will leave feedback. This feedback can be devastating to any business, if they are negative. For a business, especially a ‘service’ business, such as a Physician, Dentist, Cosmetic Surgeon etc. To ignore the power of a feedback, May it be positive or negative. Is extremely important.

Astonishingly enough, I have rarely found serious abuse of feedback by a consumer. As anything, one has to take feed backs, both the positive and negative lightly, and speak to the business owner, if you have any questions.

When someone moves from one State to another, they immediately go online, looking up resources in their new home via Google and the feed backs of people who have used a particular business. If they find a negative comment, they continue searching for others, not wasting time. So – you see how incredibly important your online visibility is for your business.

Another difficulty for businesses seems to be the choosing of domain names. Most take the word “name” to mean – their personal name – not a name that someone not knowing them personally – would connect with their business.

It is utmost important to get a domain name which describes the kind of business they have. A domain name which helps searchers finds their business.

Let’s say you really are the best dentist in hometown USA, wouldn’t you want to be recommended online – Google places or yelp (and many other sites) for all the world to see?

Of most importance, right this moment, NOW – is to thoroughly understand the unprecedented pace at which technology is moving forward – cloud computing will help make all searches and everything else online even faster – more instant, businesses who are ignoring the changes or are not taking them dead serious, will undoubtedly be left behind in the dust their business competition who heeded the warning, is leaving behind..

Businesses have to make changes and they have to make changes now, if the business is to survive. As a business owner you must understand the principles of online searches, also called SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

AGAIN – Your name is not of great importance to a new client, but what your business does- are of utmost importance. It is “sink or swim” for the survival of your business.