King of Investment Official Introducing Premium

Are you an online merchant? Seeking a secure payment gateway? Great, you are in the right place at the right time. In this era where everyone is worried about their secure payment gateway. The King of invest builds a system for payment gateway in Australia called KOI PAY. It is predicated as the breaking step of KOI to create a solid foundation that has the “World” vision.

King of investment Official introducing Premium features which are listed below:

  •       User-friendly UI:

KOI provides a User friendly environment. Every User can interact easily and perform his/her transaction smoothly. KOI Provides a user-friendly dashboard and shows you your amount and transaction analytics graph.

  •       Responsive Layout:

KOI provides you a responsive layout. Now It is easy for you to manipulate your business on any device with a clean interface.

King of Invest

  •       Modern Payment Gateway.

KOI is Modern Payment gateways that allow you to use their services instead of direct merchant accounts.

  •       Fast service.

KOI provides you the fastest and efficient transaction procedure. With its speed up processing, it is easy for users to forward his/her payment fastly as compared to other gateways.

  •       Encryption Module

It is a secure payment gateway. Its end to end encryption process makes it secure and more automated.

  •       Less fee:

As compared to other gateways KOI gives you the opportunity to secure your payment first on the minimum return.

King of Invest

  •       Reporting Features:

KOI provides you all records regarding your selling, reselling, and transaction history. You may see in the form of days and months. It has a facility of customized reports according to your requirement.

  •       Compatibility:

KOI payment gateway is easier to integrate as compared to other gateways. It allows you to link your invoice software or any other financial data management platform for you.

  •       Fraud detection and other security Features:

KOI monitors every single user business payment and makes it confidential. KOI officials have smart security checks to keep your record safe from hackers.

  •       Customer Support:

Provide and support for all branches and investors all around the world 24/7.

KOI service Through Telegram

  • KOI offers service to its telegram group
  • KOI provides only credit card payments.
  • KOI is available for Telegram mobile apps only.
  • KOI Users will pay inside the application.
  • KOI Provide support Bot Payments API as well as payment widget generation for the browser.
  • KOI provides convenient rates and commissions that will fit your expectations and are comfortable for you.
  • KOI only supports target countries, and credit card processing in those countries.

 KOI Investment Plans

KOI officials provide the premium Investment Plans for their Users. You may choose the best investment plan according to your choice, These Investment Plans are different in the following Manners:

For $200.00

Monthly interest: $20.00

For $500.00

Monthly interest: $60.00

For $1,000.00

Monthly interest: $150.00

For $3,000.00

Monthly interest: $540.00

For $5,000.00

Monthly interest: $1,000.00

For $10,000.00

Monthly interest: $2,500.00

For $30,000.00

Monthly interest : $9,000.00

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